What’s in my Vegan Baking Cabinet

Though I am not vegan, I believe in balance. Also, over the past two years I have lost my fondness for high sugared dessert products. When I switched over to vegan desserts I noticed everything was sweet. But not a punch of sugar. Ice cream, chocolate, cupcakes, and everything in between was that perfect flavour. And a lot more natural. I had bought the Baby Cakes recipe book to start adding in dairy free products into my home. This is more of a necessity now since my husband finally admitted he is lactose intolerant and I have a sensitivity to gluten. I am going to make the first recipe I ever baked. cupcakes.

I have to admit, finding the ingredients wasn’t easy. I wanted to make it easy and see if I can find all of them in a grocery store. But unfortunately, I ended up bouncing between three different stores. So I ended up buying some of my ingredients on vitacost.com. It most likely would have been a lot easier for me to buy all of them online. Especially since their discounted. I bought this particular book because of the versatility and the healthier options. I thought I would post the images of the ingrediants I will be using on here to give everyone an idea of whats involved in vegan baking.


Bob’s Red Mill has been regularly used in my home for more then a year now. Their inexpensive and available in my local store. But unfortunately I had to get the Garbanzo and Fava Flour online.


The powdered soy milk is difficult to find and not in small amounts. Both of these I bought from Vitacost.com. The soy milk powder is primarily for the frosting.


I know I keep making small captions, but I wanted to point something out real fast. You can see there I have two bottles of Bee Free Honee and a container of Pure Raw Honey. Considering the Bee crisis we are having, I mostly go for bee free honee to put on and in everything I want a tiny bit of flavour. Whether it’s tea, oatmeal, pancakes, etc. The Raw honey is primarily for when we are sick. Its either raw, or not at all.


I’m rather excited for my first time bakingvegan cupcakes seriously. I have other ingredients that the recipe has not called for from a different book I bought called The Kind Diet plus other recipe’s I found on Youtube that are gluten-free as well as vegan.  If anyone is interested in me posting a video about my experience with baking for the very first time, let me know in the comments. And I will most likely post a First Impressions of my husband trying it. He’s very much in his comfort zone with food. And I am hoping to expand his tastes in food. 

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