The Best of 2014: Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

I’ve gathered all the cosmetic products that I had reached for constantly within the year of 2014. All these products are cruelty-free, a good portion is vegan, and all of … Continue reading

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LuckyVitamin/Whole Foods Haul

  I ended up getting this high dosage of Biotin because my patience is wearing out with my hair growth. I already have a vitamin for health purposes. But this … Continue reading

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Don’t Do This: GET THE FU** OUT OF MY WAY!!!

I don’t like being one of those diva’s that tends to look down at people for whatever reason. And I’m not the sort of person that likes to become hostile … Continue reading

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Raw Vegan Lip Balm? HURRAW!

I know if my evil squeaker, Luna had lips she’d use it too. I fell inlove with this product after receiving a sample from the subscription box “Vegan Presence”. It … Continue reading

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Smells Like…Nothing!: Fragrance Free Living

It’s a sad fact that there is a large number of people who can’t use scented products, or don’t feel comfortable using scented products that most likely contain ingredients with … Continue reading

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Kora Organics Review

 I have been coveting a lot of products from this brand for nearly eight months. I broke down in June and bought two products. Kora Organics was founded by Miranda … Continue reading

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For the Chocolate Lovers: Skin Care for Your Sweet Tooth ღ

Even if you are not the worlds biggest chocolate fan, you have to admit that taking a bite of your favourite chocolate is utterly satisfying. I am personally not a … Continue reading

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Herbolution Facial Cleansing Grains: Rose Hibiscus

Violets are blue. Damn, girl! Your skin is nice! What did you do?! Feel free to poke fun at my little joke. I wont blame you ;-) You have most … Continue reading

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Hair Residue: The Causes When Using Natural Shampoo Bars

This isn’t just a beauty post. It’s also a regular blog entry. I want to explain the trauma my mistakes caused me. I feel like it will also help you … Continue reading

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100% Natural Hair Care That Works!

This hair care system has saved my hair. Without a doubt. Sound like an exaggeration? Absolutely not. My hair has been tortured through out my entire life with such harsh … Continue reading

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Feeling the love from one of my Favourite Canadians. Thanks, Darren! Card is on KY fridge already.

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