Weekend Catch Up: Finally Growing Up

I feel like I’m finally growing up. I’m a married, 28 year old, fur-mother of 3. I’ve been slightly complacent over the past couple of years, and have not really put any importance on things that I once was concerned with. 

After an endless amount of years of not making an effort to buy new clothing, shoes, or even socks and bra’s. I wore everything to death until I was given a new peace of clothing around my birthday/Christmas from my inlaws. Now a days I am making more of an effort to buy more then one set of trainers, and leggings.

I’m making more of an effort with cleaning now. I know it should be common sense. But it wasn’t until I realised what a positive effect it had on my mood, I realised what a difference cleaning made. I know clean a dish immediately rather then let it sit in the sink. I hoover twice a week all over the house. And I now have to force myself to do laundry twice a week. It’s necessary considering my husband has not only casual clothing. But work uniforms too. When I wake up and see a clean kitchen, I feel so much better. One less thing to worry about.

The focus on my presentability on a daily basis has more to do with my mentality then vanity. Of course, I want to look pretty. But I work from home. Wearing sweats, and a messy bun really don’t motivate you to do shit. I feel like when I make an effort to my hair differently, wear earrings, wear real clothing, and even do my nails, I feel a lot better. It’s almost like …metaphorically speaking…a cup of coffee. Its a perk. It’s small things. I don’t think you have to wear a full face of makeup, and do your hair all fancy everyday. It’s little things.

Decorating my home. I know what your thinking. Does it really matter? Honestly, it does. At first I was like “Whatever. Too much money. A bed to sleep in. A pot to piss in. Who cares?”. Over the years…oh, nelly! It does very much matter. I admit. I had a small fantasy of trying to convince my husband to move to Canada, then we can make an effort to really decorate, but I don’t think that will happen. (YET!) lol. But decorating your home has it’s perks. I’m a Youtuber. I often see other Youtubers with such beautifully decorated rooms. And my bedroom is more like a dresser with a cluttered mess. As of lately, I’ve been looking into buying curtains to replace our paper ones that we have had up since we moved in (years ago). Also new comforter for the bed, and decorative lights.

I know financially, decorating is not exactly a priority for many people. But if you and your partner look for a home together, and you look to settle for a period of time, you’d be surprised what a bonding experience it can be to look in Ikea, or Bed Bath and Beyond to find cat furniture, sheets, things for the kitchen, etc. What colours you use, the lighting you have. Even the lamps you have can totally change the feeling you get in your environment. I know this part of the entry went on for a good length of times, but I really wanted to stress the importance of making your home, your own.

Lastly, my taste buds. So shocking how they have changed. I hate bacon now. I hate milk chocolate. I hate white bread. I can’t even stand my once beloved Stoffers pizza. Ever since they changed it, its not the same. But I started favouring tea, and my hydration drinks over soda, and coffee lately. And whole grain, dark chocolate! Oh, my. It always surprises me when I enjoy something I used to have eating.


Monday Noms: NEW PRODUCT ☽ Orgain Almond Milk

Today is not so much a review. More so a new product alert. I’m always religiously following Orgain. Ever since I discovered their nutrition shakes last summer, I’ve tried every new product they released. As of recently they have released two new almond milks. Sweetened, and lightly sweetened. I think we can all appreciate how most local grocery stores are releasing milk alternatives now a days. Coconut milk. Rice milk. Hemp milk. And of course, almond milk.

Orgain Organic Almond Milks

I Broke my ColourPop Cherry!

This brand gets so much praise. But I never really paid attention till one day I shifted through my makeup kit and realised I ran out of all my dark lipsticks! #gothgirlproblems.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and I thought “Fuck it”. I looked at the website for Colourpop, and googled a few swatched of the shades I was interested in. And, I couldn’t help but look at the eyeshadows. Of course, I bought a few.

Colourpop Eyeshadows 1

Eyeshadow Shades: LaLa, Hustle, Lace, Drift

La La – Described as a true rose gold

Hustle – Described as a burgundy violet

Lace – Described as rich blue violet

Drift – Described as true crandberry

As you can see, I’m rather fond of purples, and red toned eyeshadows. I find anything red, purple, and blue for my green eyes.

Colourpop Eyehsadows 2

Lipstick/Lip Liner: Blood, Bichette, Bull Chic

Blood – Described as a deep burgundy red

Bichette – Described as a deep red wine

Bull Chic – Described as a matte black lip liner “The perfect shade for when you party and bullshit.”

I couldn’t help but completely add in their description. I hardly see brands not giving a shit about using profanity. Love it!


Monday Noms: The Best Vegan Cream Cheese Ever!

Lets get straight to the point. Does it taste good? Does it taste like real cream cheese? Oh, yes. It tastes so good. It tasted very similar to the real thing. Similar texture. Similar taste. It’s actually pretty fucking amazing. I’ve only had this on my sundried tomatoe bagels. But I am eager to use it in other recipe’s. I have only seen this at Whole Foods. I haven’t really tried any other brands aside from Tofurtti cream cheese. And I wasn’t really nutty about it. I love Kite enough to the point where I will be buying more then one next time I am out and about.

Kite Hill Vegan Cream Cheese

They have other products available. Cream cheese with chive and truffle dill as well as the original flavour. Even ricotta, and ravioli. YES! You read that right. Yeah, I know *mind fuck*. Considering I am married into an Italian family, I’ve grown to love Italian food. Cheese is very heavily involved in some meals as well as meat. And when at home and I want a dish that does not involve meat or dairy, this is the best thing to look to.


If you are like me and are very picky with your imitation dairy products, you are probably reading my post and still feeling hesitant about my claims towards the similarity of real cream cheese. Trust me, I understand. Some imitation dairy products don’t taste like dairy. More so like dog turd from the side of the road. But lately, companies have been improving greatly with the taste of their imitation products. And this brand is proof of that. Trust me, it tastes delicious. Delicious enough where I want to buy more then one of these products when I step out to Whole Foods again.


Gressa Lip Boost Bare: Perfect Pinky Nude

I know I’m not the only picky person out there when it comes to lip products. We all want presentability, convenience, and comfort. I hate lip products that are high in maintenance. I also hate having to decide what colour I wanna wear for that day that is going to be suitable for what I am wearing (which is always minimal makeup). Nudes are so difficult for me too. I hate anything too pale, and too brown. Having pale skin makes getting the perfect nude really hard. Not to mention I’m put off by heavy and sticky textured products. I have two by Ilia that are nice. But I’m now blown away by them. I gave up trying to find a decent nude. That was until I decided to try this product from Gressa.

Gressa, you brilliant bastards! I friggen love this product!



This product is genius. Some people complain about the price. But if you’re like me and you have picky taste in lip products, this will be your perfect holy grail lip product.

  • Nourishing
  • Pinky-Mauve Shade
  • Buildable Colour
  • Vegan Formula
  • Non-Toxic/Organic Ingredients
  • Six Shades to Choose From
  • Heavy Potted Package

I promise you that their worth the money. Even if you don’t buy their nude shade in Bare, their other shades will make you go “Ooooo!” I wouldn’t tell you to expect the texture to be similar to a balm product. it’s similar to a lipstick. I think having a traditional lipstick bullet would have been better. But I still have no complaints at all.



Mid-Summer Skincare Haul! SPF + Acne Treatment

I’ve been in need for a good SPF for awhile now. That was the one product I was most excited about having again. I have had so much difficulty the past two years finding and SPF that wasn’t too greasy, drying, or pore clogging. If anything, I felt like it made the condition of my skin worse. Last summer I received a bit of sun damage. The SPF’s I was using was becoming less and less effective for me over time. And it was disapointing. I know people will often lecture about what SPF number is best. But I think it’s more so of using your best judgement rather then these studies. I have heard so much conflicting information regarding on what SPF number is best. Both online and real life. I have decided I will just do what’s best for me. Which is SPF 50

Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation: Very Fair Skin

In the past year I have been dealing with redness on my skin . Though it’s very mild at times, I feel really insecure about it. I don’t really deal with true acne problems. My blemishes are preventable, and easily cured. But my redness is a bit puzzling. Part of it feels like it has to do with blood pressure. But another part of me feels like it may be photodermatitis. But one thing is for sure. I wanted it covered. So I finally caved and went to Clinique.


My original intent was to get the Beyond Perfection Foundation and Concealer. The woman took one look at went “No”. She sat me down and said I didn’t need the kind of coverage I was thinking I needed. “You don’t have perfect skin. No one does. That much is obvious. But you barely need even a moderate coverage”. Considering my distaste for full coverage makeup on myself, I was happy to hear that. Sitting down, talking to me about my skin type, and matching me to a proper foundation/colour, this is what we decided was best.


What it Says…

  • Has SPF 15
  • Oil-free
  • Calming ingredients to help minimize flare-ups
  • Has probiotic technology to help strengthen skin’s barrier
  • Says to have a natural finish
  • Gives a moderate coverage
  • Beneficial for those with dry, combinational, oily skin types

Clinique Applied to the my right (image left) side of the face

You might be able to tell the difference in the photograph which side has the makeup applied. My right side (photographed left) has a thin layer of this foundation applied all over. No concealer. No primer. Just straight up foundation. The left has freshly washed skin with a Clinique moisturiser I received with my foundation purchase. I applied the foundation with my fingers in this photo. 

My thoughts

For me it gives a medium coverage. Even with the fingers. Over all, I prefer to use a beauty blender. Though it doesn’t feel tacky to the touch, you still feel there is foundation there. It will transfer. And you need a powder to take away that unnatural feel. But it continues to give you that coverage as long as you’re not touching your face. Otherwise it wipes it away.

The Downsides

I manages to only get slightly lucky with this foundation being the correct shade. There is only six available. I wouldn’t consider this to be one of those foundations that adapts to skin colour. If you are someone who is incredibly dark skinned, or fair skinned, you will have a bit of a shit time with it. The only other downside I can list is one I don’t find to be a huge deal. But If you are someone who’s super picky (like myself) and one hundred percent of the time needs to look air brushed, and naturally flawless, this product is not for you. Though this product looks decent from a a reasonable distance, someone can tell you are wearing makeup if you are a foot away from them. To me this is not a big deal. this is a foundation I would wear for practicality. Not for a photoshoot. The brand to me is more so about making it more convenient to be presentable without irritating already problematic skin. So if you want to look “Instagram Ready”, use Makeup Forever HD. Not this.


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