Christopher Drummond Beauty Review: SkinPrep/Concealer

Christopher Drummond Base Products


I had my eye on both of these products for some time now. And I decided to buy and try. I’m a bitty nutty when it comes to finding the perfect base products. Primer, founder, concealer, and powder. Though I found some decent ones, I keep going bac to my M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer, and my Smashbox. Because they work. But I’m open minded. and I heard some good things about the concealer, and I jumped at the primer.

Duo-Phase Hydrating Concealer


  • Creaseless
  • Waterproof
  • Full coverage
  • Long wearing
  • Able to be used as an eye primer
  • Able to change it to a cream foundation when mixing it in with the SkinPrep
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Very little goes a very long way

Additional Details

  • 8.5g
  • $22.50
  • 6 shades Available
  • Repackaged in a black opaque squeeze tube

What Makes It Awesome

It certainly has that full coverage and is able to be mixed in with both the SkinPrep and a moisturiser to get it to a cream foundation. I also loved the finish of it. When touched the area it didn’t feel like cement and it didn’t feel tacky like some overly dewy concealers. And it had that longevity that it claimed to have.

What Turns Me Off

The packaging change. Prior to the totally black squeeze tube, it had a push-up pump, see through packaging. My favourite kind for any product. You can see how much you used and know you got your moneys worth. I can’t see anything in this bottle. Not to mention that the consistency is so thick with the product that it’s difficulty for me to squeeze out. I struggle almost every time and am slightly concerned I may make the package burst to squeeze it out. The new packaging is suppose to have more product, but we can’t tell by looking at it like with the old one.

Another thing that bothers me. Limited shade selection! *throws hand in the air with frustration* So many brands out there are having this issue. Physicians Formula, Neutrogena, etc. So many amazing products, so little colour selections available. So many people out there have such different undertones to their skin. The more limited these amazing brands are, the more difficult it will be for people to take interest.

Christopher Drummond Skin Prep

Bioactive MArine Complex SkinPrep (Dimethicone Free)


  • Dimethicone Free
  • All Natural
  • Vegan
  • Organic-based
  • Paraben free
  • Phtalate free
  • Wont clog pores
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Free of petrochemicals
  • Free of artificial preservatives

Additional Details

  • 30 ml
  • $39.00
  • Opaque glass packaging
  • Pump packaging
  • Black plastic lock to place over pump to prevent accidents

Being Honest

I have to be forward about this product, there is not much I care for. I used this product rather steadily since buying it. Underneath liquid foundations, mineral foundations, cream, and I don’t see a difference in longevity with this product. And I don’t see an improvement with the texture of my skin either prior to makeup application. Not to mention the smell puts me off this product. My dry area’s seemed a bit more ephasised for some reason. I only get severe dryness in between my brows, and chin. And it seemed to bring up the texture even further.

One thing I want to bring to your attention is that the packaging and the site claims that it is a vegan product, but there is one ingredient in here that is not. Artemia Salina. A species of brine shrimp. Though this seems to be a bit dodgy to a lot of people, I messaged the customer service about this. I’m not personally overly concerned about have vegan products. But I know many of you out there are. So I though I would inform you that prior to me purchasing this product, they had updated their formula to a vegan friendly one. I will be posting a small part of the response I received below…

We are in the process of changing our packaging, labels and boxes to reflect the new ingredient panel. We did not post the updated formula on our website because we felt that it would cause confusion. We will of course do so once all of the new packaging comes in. Legally, we have one year to change our labels even when the formula is different. Since our packaging will be delayed, we are now providing a leaflet, informing the customer of the updated formulation change.

I hope that small bit was informative and hope it didn’t leave anyone too concerned. Over all, I think their an amazing brand. American made, aware of the choice their making in terms of making cleaner, and animal friendly formula’s. I still urge people to give them a shot. They have a ton of products to give a go.

Movie Review: Crowsnest



Just a small warning to those reading this review. I tend to be one of those individuals that happens to like films that are given bad reviews. So your opinion might be different from my own. Most likely will be. So please keep that in mind. 

Back in the summer of 2013, I was shifting through Netflix when I found Crowsnest. The name caught my eye. So I turned it on. I have a small guilty pleasure for found footage films. Most of the time I don’t find them to be very good. But enjoyable. It seems that since Blaire Witch Project, many people seem to try to reach the success that it had. The only one I could think of the top of my head that did was Paranormal Activity. Even then, I just didn’t think it was great. Since then I have watched a ton of found footage. This one in particular, I happened to really enjoy. I think this is the only one I have come across that did not have something supernatural involved. No witches. No ghosts. No demonic possessions involved. To me that was a huge bonus. There are no cheap jumps scares in this film. There is always that one asshole that has the unpopular choice but seems to be the only one in charge, and believable story line.


Chelsey Reists Character (Amanda) who had been taken into the RV was possibly the most tense part for me. As Justin attempts to save her, but is forced to leave, he films the RV as the villains of this film enter into it. In the distance he films it. You can hear Amanda screaming in the distance. In that moment where she is screaming and shouting “I’m gonna die!” and suddenly the scream changes tone, I got chills. That part of the film gave me chills. In that moment, she realised no one was going to save her. And you could hear the terror coming from her voice.

I’m not in anything involving film making. I’m just someone obsessively looks for good films. Movies like Hollow, The Belle Witch Haunting, and The Taking of Deborah Logan were interesting to watch. The the supernatural elements to it gave these films gave it a bit of a predictability. You almost knew what was going to happen. Though most would think when involving ghosts, or demons in a storyline, you’d think there would be a lack of predictability. But the problem is, we’ve seen it so many times with other found footage films. To me, the scariest thing is a human being. Human beings are unpredictable as well. And when unhinged, just as dangerous. The movie had seclusion. several young, care free kids, alcohol involved, and something that goes beyond murder. So we’re given a lot of room for guessing as to what may be happening with these characters.

I hope this was informative for some people out there. My personal opinion is that it was a good film. It wasn’t mind blowing. But at the same time its drifting away from what we typically expect from these kind of films.

It’s Time: Searching

It’s time for me to open up about this publicly. I was apprehensive in discussing this with almost anyone except my best friend. And she’s been the only person I’ve shared this issue with. And through various drunken nights and tears. I don’t like discussing my thoughts and feelings when it’s involving such personal things. But this is something I have to be open about. Those nights I spent sobbing to my best friend while binge drinking are over. There is no way of bringing up this topic without sounding dramatic, so I’m just going to rip that bandage off.

Since childhood, I’ve been making the assumption that I was adopted. This feeling never disappeared. I don’t bring this up to my mother. It would hurt her. It wouldn’t benefit me either. My mother and I have always had a very awkward relationship. And let me make this clear. My mother is not a bad mother. She loved me. And tried to do her best. Especially when my “father” fell short on the parenting area. We didn’t fight endlessly. She never hit me. But we bickered more like siblings. I never felt that mother/daughter bond. It was my assumption that we just had that sort of relationship. But the affection that came from her in moments where she attempted to give me comfort only felt strange to me. Her hugs during my worst moments felt like a stranger was hugging me. It was awkward for me.

My relationship with my father does not exist at all. My love for him never did either. There were certain periods of my life where I don’t remember him there at all. Even my mother said that she remembers him disappearing for days at a time. Going who knows where. He never said anything to anyone. My father played pretend as I became older. The loving father.  The thought as of this moment makes me slightly nauseated. I can only really remember 3 moments in my life where I sought affections from him. He’s never treated me as a daughter except in moments where it benefits him in public eye. While my mothers hugs and kisses where always filled with genuine love, my fathers was not. In truth, I can’t say I ever really wanted it. I was genuinely happy with it just being my mother and Baba.

I made myself verbally open to several people about my assumption of my adoption. There was no clear cut “No. You are not adopted!” from my mother or grandmother. Instead they were very defensive remarks. And yelling. Especially from my father when he over heard. “What did you see that bullshit on tv?”. My grandmother has never really acknowledged my questions. Changing the subject really quickly was the trick she had. I can’t remember if I was 10 or 11. But I remember one instance where I started crying randomly all the time. I was started to get frustrated. Not with other people. But myself. I thought I was either stupid, or crazy. During my teen years, looking back on my behaviour between the ages of 10 to 12, my imagination was my only escape from everything. I started fantasising at that time about having a different mother and father. A different family. My home life wasn’t horrible at this age. But I started going through a dark time at this point. There was a bit of bickering between my mother and father. And my mother would at times verbally lash out at me. And at school I was being bullied very badly by these two boys. When I got older I chucked that fantasy of mine in the trash because I thought I was just escaping my reality in my own way.

It was partially true. But that void I had inside of me would never really leave me. And still has not. I managed to convince myself that I wasn’t adopted. That I was just miserable and was looking for that escape. I’m 27 years old. I’m not an over emotional teenager. And I’m not a tween that is looking for an escape from my reality. I’m a married woman capable of rational thought now. I analyse before responding. I think between I take the next crucial step. Now looking back and analysing certain things I was shown and told, it does not make sense at all. I’ve tried taking a step back and trying to look at everything I was thinking and feeling. Was I just still clinging on to a fantasy because of my horrible experience with my father? Did I just never shake that feeling from childhood because I am stubborn? Maybe my mother was telling me the truth after all?

I have so much more that I want to mention. But most of that “evidence” involves documentation. Just something about all of this does not add up. I wish I could say that my gut instinct was a reliable source for all for this. But it’s not. It’s the one thing I have to go on that I feel is reliable. I just can’t help but feel like the family I was raised with was not my own. And and that I have this “gut feeling”. And that my real family may be looking for me. The result of this could be a double edged sword. And pretty much is.

The most positive outcome: find my real family and turns out I’m not crazy and my gut instincts were right and that they were looking for me all along. (Dreamer Scenario)

Negative outcome: I’m not really adopted, but I was being over dramatic and jumping to conclusions over nothing.


I am adopted and my real mother was a alcoholic/drug addict, and my father was just a vaginal jumper (dude that just sleeps around). And I was given up for adoptions because I was unwanted.

The idea that I was completely wrong about the speculation of my adoption often puts me in more fear then the idea of actually being adopted and unwanted by my real biological family. I’m fully willing to except that idea if it really was the case. I grew up with a grandmother and mother who genuinely loved and cared about me. Even if I was adopted and taken from parents who really wanted me but couldn’t keep me, nothing would change the fact that my grandmother and mother were the best people in my life growing up.

I know what some people may be thinking “Hire a professional”.

Here is the thing, I would if I could. If you know my fathers history, you would know he’s a sleazy and slippery fucker. I wont get too detailed to how this ties in to this documents that referred to earlier, but lets keep it at it makes it hard to go straight back to the very beginning. Also if anyone has looked into hiring a P.I. is fucking expensive. Money I don’t have. The retainer itself is expensive.

Where to go from here…

Putting myself out there. That’s the best I can do. Using Facebook as a source for it. I would ask my father for information but thats not an option. My father isn’t a reliable source. He’s made some pretty detailed lies up, and he is also dangerous for me to be around. It hasn’t been until recently I started to feel safe after I heard he moved back to Arizona. It’s the first time in years I have felt truly safe.

I’m aware that all this sounds incredibly overdramatic. But when you have this feeling stick with you nearly your entire life, it tends to dig into your mind in a negative way. Unfortunately, there is just a lot of road blocks I have to deal with thanks to my parents. If anything changes, I will keep you guys up to date. But as of right now, I’m trying to go through all the affordable (or free) sources like Facebook.

I’m sure the way I began this blog entry really emphasise how much this has effected me over the years. Several years of having nights of tearful binge drinking, and one occasion that nearly had me hospitalised during one of those binges.

Gluten-Free/Vegan Haul

Since discovering my issue’s with gluten, I decided to go on a hunt through Blogs/Youtbers to find gluten-free products, and vegan products. Between Shannon Sullivan and Sunny from VeganBeautyReview, I’ve been able to built up a few products. Also my best friend sending me blogs like Cookie and Kate, and Oh She Glows is a saving grace for me. Again, a lot of these things I need to get online. But recently these things have been easier to get in stores. But we still need an improvement on these things. I still plan on getting a few things from Orgain, and other brands. But these are new favourites of mine.

IMG_5484Obviously, these things are not meant for entire meals. Ingredients for baking, or whatever else I make. I bought the coconut milk for the purpose of making a frosting for cupcakes or hot chocolate. If desired. Shannon Sullivan did a lovely video on making  a vegan hot chocolate. she also did a few other videos for the Christmas season. Despite the fact that I usually prefer almond based vegan products, I’ve been more and more into coconut based foods as of lately. I was surprised to see how cheap the “Just Mayo” was. It would be worth taking a look in your food market to see if it’s available.


I think it’s fairly obvious I love Mamma Chia products at this point. Again, Shannon Sullivan got me into these after featuring them in one of her videos. I love the snack packs for a quickie if I’m hungry but don’t want to eat something big. But I love the vitality beverages. I prefer them over Coke, and Snapple. Their amazing. I am just not a fan of Guava Mama. Not a fan of Guava. Sadly, I can only get the beverage at Whole Foods. I need to buy them in bulk. Even my local Target that sells the snack packs does not sell the full sizes.


I’m looking to totally replace my rice with quinoa. The roasted garlic is something I have had before. It’s very good to mix in with anything you are craving. Wraps. Siders. Veggie mix. So on and So forth. Neat is something I discovered through the same Youtuber (I’m fan girling too much in this post). But from what the directions say, just take two eggs (or egg replacements), mix it in with the mix and do whatever you want with it. It’s made with nuts, and seeds, beans, few spices, etc. I admit, I’m not a huge fan of meat substitutes. But I’m willing to give it a go. They also have a taco mix I was aching to try.


VeganBeautyReview mentioned this in her blog post. I heard of the brand before. But I mainly recognise their cookie doe products. And I’m not the hugest fan of cookie doe. But this stuff is pretty inexpensive. And all you need to add is your milk of choice, oil, and put it in the oven. Simples!  I’m a lazy baker now a days. Anything complicated I tend to cock-up. I’m looking forward to making a simple cupcake recipe with these things.


Best. Cereal. Ever! I mentioned this before in a older post. But I wouldn’t have this for breakfast. More for dessert. Or a small snack if I want some chocolate. I need to start learning to eat breakfast. But I don’t care to have cereals. This is significantly healthier. But it’s not ideal. Other then it being vegan, organic, and gluten-free, I love how it’s made with coconut palm sugar. High-Fructose corn syrup has been something I know am more concerned about staying away from.

Hope this post was interesting. I’ve been discovering so many things in the gluten-free/vegan area. But one thing I really need to remind myself is that I cannot rely on packaged products. Their easy. But you need to learn to work with your fruits and veggies. I’ll be making another post next week about it. I have a few other “fresh” items I will be receiving in the mail and purchasing at the grocery store. 

Here Comes the New Years Resolutions…

945419_383846465060024_1039214736_nI used to take the piss out of someone whenever they had that “New Year. New Me” shit on the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. I usually had this idea that the reason why people are so into the resolution stuff is because everyone else is doing it. Obviously some are genuine with their goals and want to do the things they set out to do. But I firmly believe you don’t need a changed date to motivate you to do shit. But it’s now December 31st 2014. I get it now. I’m now 27. I still feel 22. But I look at the date and I kind of freak out now. I’ve made goals constantly in the past to do certain things but yet they never get done. Either because I get half assed in my attempts or because I allow my fear to dictate me. My main thought that comes from looking at time moving so fast is that I will be 80 and have regrets over what I could have done. But chose not to. Or was too lazy to accomplish. I don’t want to live in regret. 2015 is where I make shit happen. I’m too old to use my fear as an excuse on why not to do something. And I’m too young to not make it happen.

T H E  G O A L S 

GO TO ENGLAND: I admit, that in the past when the opportunity presented itself, I was scared to a degree. Part of me had this concern that it wouldn’t be what I had hoped. Also another fear that I would be a bit hated because I am American. I’ve heard a few stories from a friend of mine where when someone was assumed American, they were met with a bit of judgement and aggression. That scared me a bit. But I also have a lot of friends that live in the UK that have been nothing but nice to me. So my hesitation should be out the window. Recent an a opportunity has presented itself to go there. Hopefully the offer is still on the table.


Someone out there is rolling their eyes after reading “lose weight” part. I can sense it. It wasn’t till recently I realised that I have a high sensitivity to gluten. Since moving into my house a few years ago, the amount of food hasn’t changed. But the things I ate had changed. Steady I gained weight. Not an obese amount. But very noticeable. And enough to make me totally insecure. I’m only 4’11 (always lied about being 5’0). The smallest bit of weight gain is terribly noticeable. It wasn’t till recently after properly examining the food I had started to incorporate in my eating habits where the problem. Before living in a house, I hate pasta once a week. Ate a sandwich once a week. Never ate pizza. Cooked 6 days a week. Moving into the house I started to have bread bowl pasta’s. Sandwich’s for lunch everyday. Products that were made of wholemeal flour, etc. Even living in a Ukrainian home where I ate Babka bread, pierogi, and holopchi, I never ate it as regularly as I do now. The week I went gluten-free, I felt notability better, and less bloated. Now that I know where my problem stems from, I feel like I will have my old self back fairly fast. Currently, I’d like to realistically lose a stone within two months. But I don’t wanna rush the process. I want to let my body do it’s thing while I eat what it can tolerate.

Quit Drinking

Let me preface this by saying that I am not an alcoholic. I don’t need or like to drink regularly any more. I feel horrid afterwords. But I binge drink. Back then it was excusable. In your early twenties, its suddenly legal. So you have this “party on!” attitude. But I’m in my late twenties. And whenever I go on these drinking binges, It’s in moments of emotional distress. That has to stop. As an adult, I became more introverted. And I’ve dealt with things without the aid of others. But the backlash is that my mentality goes to the thought that I need a drink. And that 1 pint turns into five pints fast. The next thing you know it, I’m doing something a lot worse because my head is being dictated by both my emotional distress and the alcohol. I don’t like what alcohol does to my mind. I don’t like what it does to my body.

Get Back to Youtube

Again, I can sense eye rolling. Whenever the subject comes up and I tell people I was once a regular on Youtube, people are very surprised. The past couple of years I have become a very private person. I didn’t want my wedding photographs posted, and despite my husband filming his proposal, I didn’t want it to be on Youtube. Some people feel comfortable with it. I’m one of those people that is very selective on what I put on the internet. But I was once on Youtube to post opinions. And had fun doing it. I made a lot of friends. And most I still have in my life today. Despite not posting on there any more. I want to get back to it. I miss it. It was a fun hobby that allowed me to connect with people from all over. From the UK to Australia. I’m not a fancy editor, I still have the crap camera I did when I first started, but it would be fun to get back.

W H A T .  I M P R O V E D .  S I N C E .  L A S T .  Y E A R

Budget and Prioritising

I wasn’t disgusting with my spending. But I was once pretty bad. I didn’t buy a shit ton of shoes, clothing, or purses. But I spent a lot of makeup, and haircare/hair dye. I would get my pay for the week and a good percentage of it used to be blown on a new foundation that just ended up making my skin condition worse. And instead of spending money on the new pair of trainers I desperately needed, I spent a shit ton of money on eyeshadow from Urban Decay. Now I am not anywhere near where I was once with my bank balance, and my cosmetic collection. What once was 3 large bins of cosmetics products is now one small drawer. I don’t go to Sephora now. I love having money. I love no worrying. I guess it’s just the part of me that grew up.


More then a year ago at this point, I stopped dying my hair. It wasn’t meant to be a permanent thing. It was suppose to be a 6 month detox. Once I got passed 6 months, I liked what I saw so much, I wanted to see how much longer I could go. The 1 year mark hit, and suddenly dying my hair back to black was the farthest thing from my mind. Especially since I wanted to live chemical free with my cosmetic/hygiene products. Looking back on the images where I had black hair, I am glad I decided to let me natural hair colour grow in. I feel like it fits with my skin more. It’s no maintenance at all now. And barely any money at all. My hair has never felt or looked as nice as it does now. That’s saying a lot.

I Minimised my Makeup 

I know this sounds like it ties in with “Budget and Prioritising”, but makeup has been an entirely different subject for me. I over spent countless times. And I stopped doing other peoples makeup years ago. I minimised on so many levels. Going natural with makeup has been a huge convenience. I can easily pass by Sephora now without going in. Same with Ulta. My husband doesn’t cringe anymore going to the mall. HAHA! I also minamised how much I wear. My look is technically the no makeup, makeup look. It makes me happy to know that I finally broke that bad habit. After years of wasting money.


Cruelty-Free/Green Personal Care Favourites of 2014

I know this isn’t as interesting as fashion, makeup, skincare, or hair care. Most lovely young women and men I have seen on Youtube and other blogs when they go clean with their products go more then fifty percent or the whole nine yards. My story of going clean will come at another time. But for now, I will be showing you my favourite products to use outside of my beauty routine.



Nuun Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs: I can’t begin to tell you how many times this has saved me from getting a headache. A friend of mine from Newfoundland mentioned these to me when he said it helps to prevent a hangover when he drinks. Now a days, I never drink. But the reason why I bought them is because I tend to suffer from regular headaches. Partially due to my celiac (which is now getting under control), and dehydration. I make sure I have these in my purse at all times. And I swear by them. They have a ton of flavours available. I would hoard these for a zombie apocalypse. Things like lucozade will only mess it up for me even further. Nuun is ideal for me in my personal preferences.

Badger Sleep Balm: I wont claim this cures insomnia. I also won’t blame this cures any of your sleeping disorders. But if you are feeling restless, and you have difficulty getting to sleep, this can help a lot. It’s a aromatherapy balm. I put this underneath my nose and on my temples. If you have been relying on other things like Unisom like I used to, then this will take time to be fully effective. Most people like myself had become rather reliant on sleeping aids from the drug store as fast solutions to the problem. But I didn’t want to continuously use things like that. I wasn’t sure how that was going to effect me long term. There is a special one for children made available as well.

Badger Headache Soother Balm Stick: Again, I won’t make claims that this will be an automatic fast and effective solution for someone with a throbbing migraine. I’ve been reliant on pills the past couple of years and it’s going to take time for my body to adjust to not using it again. That being said, this does work. But you have to continuously reapply it. At least from what I have experienced. And as you can tell, I’ve had a fondness as of recently when it comes to the brand of Badger.



Box Naturals: I blame Britanie from BeautybyBritanie for this one. LOL. She had made a post about this some time ago. The product packaging was gorgeous. Girly-Elegant I call it. Their pretty unique in their uses. You can use it to clean up after sweating at the Gym. Makeup removing wipes, intimate wipes. Their beautiful. This is certainly a constant repurchase I will be making. They come in both Rosewater and Lavender. I will be stalking up on the Rosewater ones from EcoDivaBeauty. I’m now addicted to anything rose. Part of me hopes they come out with other scented (and possibly unscented) wipes.



The Honey Pot Feminine Wash: Another product I discovered through another amazing blogger. VeganBeautyReview, Sunny! A more natural alternative to what we see in our drug stores. There is even one special unscented one. And another for the expecting Mums out there. I didn’t want to continuously use what I was using prior. And I don’t think I can talk about this without making want to stick your fingers in your ears and go “Lalalala! I don’t need to hear that!”. So let’s keep it at it does the job. Having a cruelty-free, plant-based intimate care product that works is always a bonus for me. And it was super fast shipping.


Now we are at the end of the end of the favourite products. But I wanted to give a special shout out to my favourite life style Bloggers/Youtubers who have had a massive influence on the changes I have made. Through this year I’ve discovered a lot about what direction I want to go in. Specifically my health. They are in no particular order.

Shannon Sullivan

I’ve been subscribed to her for a short while. But recently I’ve been rewatching a lot of her videos. Since discovering I had my issues with gluten, a lot of the videos she has made speaking about what she eats and drinks has been a life saver. She also seems like a sweet heart. I love watching her DIY gluten-free/dairy-free recipe’s. And her beauty favourites.

Holistic Habits

Can we take a small moment to appreciate how gorgeous her long hair is? Im having some seriously length envy since I’m growing mine long again. That aside, she’s made some amazing videos for delicious vegan friendly, healthy foods, and cosmetic favourites, and a non-toxic feminine care video.


Her videos range to different topics. From puberty, confidence, and favourites. She articulates herself in a way where you are going “Totally!” in agreement when you are playing her videos. She’s open minded. Which I adore even more. And found myself doing a giggle-snort when her boyfriend Terry is apart of the videos.

Beauty By Britanie

A lot of her blog posts have encouraged a lot of purchases I made in the past year. From Box Naturals, to Badger. I’ve loved every single product. She’s a beauty with a love for Lana Del Rey, and a bright disposition.

Vegan Beauty Review

This lovely miss, is amazing. I’m not 100% vegan as of yet. I’m trying to get my celiac disease under control before making the full transition once again to veganism. But her blog posts and instagram posts have made it easier to find not only vegan, but gluten-free products as well.

The Best of 2014: Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

I’ve gathered all the cosmetic products that I had reached for constantly within the year of 2014. All these products are cruelty-free, a good portion is vegan, and all of them are green-ingredients, and gluten-free.

2014 cosmetic favourites


Vapour Organics Atmosphere Soft Focus Liquid Foundation:

As you can probably see in the photograph, I have two different shades. 115 and 123. Seems excessive but my skin changes colour pretty dramatic in change of seasons. But it says a lot about the quality of product if I’m willing to purchase a $50 foundation. My skin is between normal to dry. And my skin loves the formula. Really nourishing, and dewy on the skin. I will admit, this foundation is a tiny bit tricky. It’s not meant for everyone. You have to apply it a certain way, and you need a certain skin type to have it work with your skin. For me it’s worth it. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde (crush!), and Gwyneth Paltrow love using Vapour products. Apply with fingers on clean skin and let it sit before concealing and powdering. Primer is up to you.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear FakeOut Mascara 

Physicians Formula has been gaining more and more popularity as of lately from their more natural products. And I have to say it’s refreshing to see a cruelty-free, natural brand in the drug stores rather then having to buy online or go to the counter. Aside from the natural ingredients, the formula is lovely. It doesn’t make my eyes water, and itch like every other mascara out there. And the wand is my favourite kind of wand. Short-ish plastic spikes with a plastic base. It reaches right down to the very base of my lashes giving me a defined look. Most people say they see a ton of volume, or a ton of length from this. But I personally don’t see a ton of much from this. I think it depends on what your lashes need. Mine are already naturally long, curled, and ever so slightly full. So definition is all I really get from this. Which is perfect for me. They have a new mascara coming out that I’m excited to try and other natural ones to choose from. I highly recommend taking a look at their brand.

Pacifica Concealer


Pacifica Transcendent and Dreamlit Concealers

When it comes to foundations and concealers I’m very picky. But these concealers are one of the most affordable, clean, vegan concealers you can find in places like Target. The consistency to me is thin that carries a medium coverage. I primarily wear these everywhere except for under eyes. I don’t really get dark circles, and if I do, I need a more creamy and think texture. But these are wonderful. Downside is that there isn’t many colour selections available. And I think there is where a lot of brands tend to go down hill. Even the more conventional ones. One colour does not fit many. A lot of women out there carry different undertones, with either much lighter, or much deeper complexions. My complaint carries over to a bunch of other brands aside from this one. But you get the point.

Silk Naturals HD Cream Stick Foundation 

I only appreciated this foundation at first when I started using it. Now I just love it. I personally prefer to apply this with my fingers (like most foundations I wear), and take it from there. The coverage it gives is medium coverage, but the texture is rather light. It doesn’t sit heavy on the skin. After I apply it, I blot it after a few moments, and then apply powder. It looks so beautiful and natural on the skin. And it’s inexpensive. And nearly the same size as a lipstick. This gives me a natural finish to the skin rather then something terribly matte, or dewy. And the shade selection is pretty wide. Whether you have a cool/gold/neutral tone to your skin. Plus you can buy affordable samples. I really highly suggest checking them out. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a cream foundation like this.

Ilia lipsticklipgloss


Ilia Beauty Lip Products


I fell in love with Ilia Beauty products as of recently. I’ve been favouring nudes the past year or so. I feel comfortable with them. And Ilia has my favourite nude products. Both the lip gloss and tinted lip conditioner have been my go-to lip products of 2014. Since going all natural with the majority of my cosmetic products, it’s been difficult to find the perfect nude lip products. And these won. Their a bit pricey. But I don’t mind spending the money. Especially since it’s really difficult to find a gluten-free, comfortable product that doesn’t make you look like you just crawled out of a grave.

Pumkin and Poppy


Pumkin & Poppy Cosmetics – V

Giving a total shout out to Pumkin & Poppy. The best natural, vegan, No-Makeup, Makeup products I have ever used. I have a total of four products from her. And two more I want to give a go. They mix so wonderfully with the skin. And makes my skin look like it’s perfected without being fake. A natural glow. Oh, man. I can go on forever about it. She has wonderful products that are dupes for the Hourglass Ambient lighting powders, and a cream highlighter, and contour products that I need to get my hands on. Along with her famous Natalie cream bronzer.

ohsudz concealer

Oh Sudz Concealers

I have to admit, I was bummed for the longest time that I didn’t have a good product to replace my M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer. It was a creamy product that had high coverage, that was easy to use, and that looked natural on my skin. But the downsides were is that it was owned by Estee Lauder, and something about the MAC concealers made the area’s of where it was applied more sensitive. It was very usual. Oh Sudz is what I look to if I need to cover the darkest part of my under eyes, or if the redness is intense around my nose or if I have a blemish that needs covering. They have samples available if you are interested. I think it’s worth looking into.My suggestion is to use your fingers to apply underneath your eyes, or around your nose. Then use a brush for blemishes.

LuckyVitamin/Whole Foods Haul



I ended up getting this high dosage of Biotin because my patience is wearing out with my hair growth. I already have a vitamin for health purposes. But this is purely for vanity. I couldn’t really care less about my nail strength. But my hair is a different story. I had short hair for two years. Not anywhere near the length I prefer. So this is my short cut to it.



Small sample from Luckyvitamin. I dont know what to make of this. I will try it. But I don’t see myself buying the full size of something like this. Has an interesting amount of collagen, biolten, and hyaluronic acid. But I wouldn’t rely on this.



Everyone and their mother has been talking about this particular deodorant. I’m not used to applying deodorant with my fingers. But it’s a minor detail that doesn’t really make it an inconvenience. As long as I don’t stink. My one hope is to have a deodorant that doesn’t make my arm pits burn and explode from an allergic reaction.



The only tooth paste I used. It’s minimal in ingrediants. And works. Most people don’t like this for a number reasons. It’s understandable. But I don’t really have the luxury of being choosy with toothpastes. Everything else I use makes my gums swell and bleed.



This wasn’t really a necessity. But I had my eye on this for awhile. I often wear mineral foundation when I feel it to be a necessity to wear makeup with my skin is fifty shades of fucky. Mineral foundation doesn’t further provoke my skin into problems if it has a flare up, or an active break out. The only issue is, my skin looks really powdery and matte when I wear mineral foundations. Spraying this on helps to set the makeup faster, and take away the matte finish. also a fast sprits of this can help absorb cream moisturisers without it sitting on the skin. aerosols don’t drown you like if you were throwing water on your face. So you are not dripping.



Okay, you’re sensing a theme here. lol. I’ve been having trouble with finding a natural deodorant forever now. This is only the second one out of four that purchased recently. Nine out of ten times I will have a allergic reaction. My only goal is to not stink up a storm and expose myself to chemicals. I’ve been lucky in finding a natural replacement for everything else. Except deodorant. All are fragrance-free, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, as well as being all natural. So right now, this is one of my many I’m testing out. This particular product I bought from Whole Foods.



I think most people on the internet have heard of CloudyApples at this point. I remember seeing this sunscreen in one of her older videos and I really wanted to buy it. But when it comes to buying things online, I don’t like doing it for one particular item. So when I saw it in Whole Foods I jumped on it. I haven’t tried it yet, but So far it seems very light, and nourishing. And smells like my grandmothers cakes she used to make the family and church when I was growing up. Finding a decent SPF is rather difficult.

IMG_5370Already tried this. Holy crow! It’s delicious. Not much to say on this. But I thought it was worth mentioning that I’m going gluten-free as of lately. I’m almost 100% sure that I have celiac disease. And it explains a lot of issues I have had over the years. This is not really a product I bought for breakfast. More so for dessert. It’s worth the buy.


Don’t Do This: GET THE FU** OUT OF MY WAY!!!

I don’t like being one of those diva’s that tends to look down at people for whatever reason. And I’m not the sort of person that likes to become hostile for the smallest things. But when I’m food shopping, I run into some proper arse holes. Usually my plan with food shopping is to get in and out with the full list of things that I wanted. The only time I dilly dally is when I’m trying to do a price check to make sure I am not over spending on something. But some people just seem to have zero common sense when out at the supermarket and it drives me up the friggen wall! Here is a small requests that is not too hard to accommodate to.


It doesn’t matter where I am. Target. Walmart. Shoprite. Stop & Shop. So on and so forth. There will be at least one or two set of women each time I am food shopping that think it’s a good idea to stop in the most inconvenient of places to have a chat. And it always seems to be in the most narrow of isles. Despite the fact that there will be other isles or even area’s of the supermarket where you can pull over to do whatever, and have a conversation, they somehow think it’s a good idea to have a discussion about their kids GPA right in front of the food that I need to pick up, or to stop on both sides of this incredibly tight spaces isle. “You can just go between them, can’t you?” Oh. That’s a good idea. But no. Any attempt is futile. The carts are inconveniently wide. So my efforts to try to go through this small space of cackling hens is impossible. And somehow when you say “Excuse me, please”. They look at you as you’re the one who is the asshole.

logo_1The most irritating encounter I had yet was when two women decided to stop and chat at the entrance of a supermarket parking lot! FUCKING SERIOUSLY?! My Husband had to honk the horn. Twice. Yes. I said twice. And they gave him the dirty look. Not his fault that you didn’t move from an area where cars go in and out to fucking park.

Ladies. Gentleman. There are devices out there that exist to help you communicate with friends who you have spoken to in a long while for whatever reason. Cell phones. Facebooks. Emails. You have endless options for communication. If you can isntagram a photograph of your child with pudding smeared on their face. Or post on Facebook on how you can’t believe how the Kardashians are arguing (yet again). You can contact that same person who you blocked a isle with in order to discuss your favourite episode of Real Housewives of Fuckville.

If there was an equivalent to road rage in supermarkets with carts, I’d be fined endlessly.


Raw Vegan Lip Balm? HURRAW!

I know if my evil squeaker, Luna had lips she’d use it too. I fell inlove with this product after receiving a sample from the subscription box “Vegan Presence”. It was a black cherry tinted lip balm. Mind you, at the time I was just dipping my foot into veganism and vegan beauty products. I got amazing lucky in having this brand in that box. I used every expensive and inexpensive product I saw for my lips. All left a waxy feeling. Or a bad taste. Or my lips feeling like cling film about to crack! And most of those expensive products have yucky ingredients.

My most expensive brand I used had a bunch of numbers in it, and things I could not for the life of me pronounce. This brand just hit one awesome thing after another for me. I even bought my mother-inlaw a three of them from the line.

What You Need to Know About Hurraw!

  1. Organic
  2. Vegan
  3. Fair Trade
  4. SPF 15 is available in their Sun Balm
  5. Leaping Bunny Approved
  6. Has two tinted flavours (Cinnamon and Black Cherry)
  7. Gluten-Free
  8. Shea-Free (For those with Latex Allergies)
  9. Soy-Free
  10. Ingredients have been processed below 118F. So it stays a Raw product that carries all the benefits of the ingredients without the heat destroying them.
  11. General ingredients are almond oil, coconut oil, cacao butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil, candelilla wax, and the general flavours to go with the particular flavour of the product.

Why I love Them

My lips stayed hydrated and soft for hours! I’m not even joking. Most wore off and I had to reapply over and over again through the hour. With this stuff it stays unless you rub it away. No waxy after feelings, no odd tastes or smells, and the amount of flavours are delicious! My personal favourite is chocolate, vanilla, and black cherry. The black cherry smells like a life saver candy. I’ve been pretty loyal to this brand since I first tried them. Now I don’t really have a strong desire to try out other brands. I feel like I have my staple product for my lip care.


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