Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation: Very Fair Skin

In the past year I have been dealing with redness on my skin . Though it’s very mild at times, I feel really insecure about it. I don’t really deal with true acne problems. My blemishes are preventable, and easily cured. But my redness is a bit puzzling. Part of it feels like it has to do with blood pressure. But another part of me feels like it may be photodermatitis. But one thing is for sure. I wanted it covered. So I finally caved and went to Clinique.


My original intent was to get the Beyond Perfection Foundation and Concealer. The woman took one look at went “No”. She sat me down and said I didn’t need the kind of coverage I was thinking I needed. “You don’t have perfect skin. No one does. That much is obvious. But you barely need even a moderate coverage”. Considering my distaste for full coverage makeup on myself, I was happy to hear that. Sitting down, talking to me about my skin type, and matching me to a proper foundation/colour, this is what we decided was best.


What it Says…

  • Has SPF 15
  • Oil-free
  • Calming ingredients to help minimize flare-ups
  • Has probiotic technology to help strengthen skin’s barrier
  • Says to have a natural finish
  • Gives a moderate coverage
  • Beneficial for those with dry, combinational, oily skin types

Clinique Applied to the my right (image left) side of the face

You might be able to tell the difference in the photograph which side has the makeup applied. My right side (photographed left) has a thin layer of this foundation applied all over. No concealer. No primer. Just straight up foundation. The left has freshly washed skin with a Clinique moisturiser I received with my foundation purchase. I applied the foundation with my fingers in this photo. 

My thoughts

For me it gives a medium coverage. Even with the fingers. Over all, I prefer to use a beauty blender. Though it doesn’t feel tacky to the touch, you still feel there is foundation there. It will transfer. And you need a powder to take away that unnatural feel. But it continues to give you that coverage as long as you’re not touching your face. Otherwise it wipes it away.

The Downsides

I manages to only get slightly lucky with this foundation being the correct shade. There is only six available. I wouldn’t consider this to be one of those foundations that adapts to skin colour. If you are someone who is incredibly dark skinned, or fair skinned, you will have a bit of a shit time with it. The only other downside I can list is one I don’t find to be a huge deal. But If you are someone who’s super picky (like myself) and one hundred percent of the time needs to look air brushed, and naturally flawless, this product is not for you. Though this product looks decent from a a reasonable distance, someone can tell you are wearing makeup if you are a foot away from them. To me this is not a big deal. this is a foundation I would wear for practicality. Not for a photoshoot. The brand to me is more so about making it more convenient to be presentable without irritating already problematic skin. So if you want to look “Instagram Ready”, use Makeup Forever HD. Not this.

Monday Noms: Theo’s Chocolate

Finding your personal favourite chocolate brand isn’t always easy. Though most would assume it’s as easy as picking up a Hershey bar, it’s not so simple. I’m one of those individuals that tends to have reactions to dessert products with dairy. Not to mention some of us stay away from soy, and gluten as much as possible. Thankfully, there is a selection that’s been made more easily available to us now. It’s not terribly hard to come by.

Theo Bars 2

I love the selection of chocolate bars that they have that contain fun things like coconut, dried cherries, roasted almonds, even chili! Good portion are soy-free, and vegan friendly. So far, none of the products that I have tried have contained emulsifiers.

The Cups and Bites


  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Non-GMO
  • Good percentage of the products are gluten-free
  • Good percentage of the products are also soy-free

You don’t have to be 100% dairy-free. But listening to your body is always ideal. These chocolates put me in my happy place. So far, I have been able to mainly see a large selection at Whole Foods, and a minimal selection at Shop & Stop here in New Jersey. But you can find Theo’s Chocolate selections in these online shops.

the almodn crunch 2

Charlotte Tilbury Concealer: Is it for you?

We can all agree, not all concealers are created equally. Different formula’s and coverages for different people. We have light reflecting concealers. Colour correcting concealers. Anti-Aging concealers. Maximum coverage concealers. So when choosing a base product, it’s all person. I was never sure as to what the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher concealer was like. It’s just a matter of trying it.



  • 10 Available shades
  • $35/£25
  • Paraben free
  • Hydrating formula with Black Tea
  • Containers lipo-siliconic compound, and elastomer pearls
  • Fair 1 is for fair skin with pink undertones
  • Fair 2 is for fair skin with yellow undertones 

Personal Experience

  • Not the fullest coverage concealer
  • Best applied and blended with fingers or brush
  • Natural finish
  • Does not cover intense pigmentation very well

I can’t personally say to run out and get this product for yourself. It’s all a matter of what you need from your concealer. There are other high coverage concealers out there. But with the additional benefits from the ingredient’s, it may do you some good to use something lighter that helps with the recovery time and takes your age into considering.


Beauty Blenders: BullSh** or Brilliant?

Since I first heard about the Beauty Blender, my first words were “What a fucking rip off!” I thought the price was a total scam. And now? Well…I’m eating crow. I never would have thought I would have fallen in love with sponge application and blending. Everyone poked me to try the Real Techniques one. I caved in. Bought it. Tried it. And it made such a difference. So much so that when it finally wore down that when I tried cheaper versions my response was “ICK!”

I find there is a huge difference between the better quality of the Real Techniques/Beauty Blenders, and the cheaper ones from other brands you would find for under $5.00. There is obviously a softness to the sponges of RT and BB. But the cheaper ones seem to be significantly more dense. The material that it is made of also makes them difficult to clean compared to RT and BB. If the material holds on to bacteria, then you will most likely break out like I did.


Though I admit the cheaper wedges from the drug store that has a pack of 20 works somewhat decently, I don’t like wasting that money. Even if I try to clean them and reuse them, they never blend as well, they don’t clean easy, and I don’t like adding more garbage to my bin. Some things are worth spending the money on. I admit, I’m a bit of a diva when it comes to my makeup and skincare, but there are just some things that are more expensive that make more sense.

Is the Beauty Blender a brilliant product? Fuck, yeah!

Late Night Life Update

So I’m watching Netflix and I thought I would update on my new chromebook. Which my husband graciously gifted to me as an early birthday present. It will help with my blogging and my other work. So lately I’ve realised I have a rather long list of To-Do’s. Recently stress has been building ever so slightly. Nothing too heavy but enough to make me concerned if I if my mind is not occupied. Good portion of it revolves around my grandmother. The other revolves around my trip to the UK. Small list to update

  • I plan on making an appointment for my local doctors to go on birth control for the first time ever
  • I’m still having a stressful time organising for this trip to the UK and finding a decent place to stay longer then 7 days.
  • I’m still trying to get the ball rolling to get my grandmother to move. And it’s been a pain. We’ll be seeing her again soon
  • I’ll be turning 28 next month and I have no real plans for anything except to get my passport worked out for my travels
  • There is this hoity toity wedding I’ll be attending in October that is …yeah.

I’m sure there is the group of people who are against me taking birth control. But I’m at this currently point in my life where having a child is less this desirable. Though I’m educated on this form of birth control and how it works, I embarrassingly had to ask my best friend a heap of questions on how the process worked for her. I feel happy I can go to my local family care doctor and request it. I’m not 100% against motherhood. But I’m more interested in living life a bit more before I can decide whether or not a child is for me. All my life before the age of 26, I actually hated kids and didnt want even 1. Now I’m like “Their not so bad. But, we will see”. I just cant risk getting pregnant right now when I still have so much I want to do.

This trip I want to take to the UK has a lot more work to it then I thought. Especially with my cats. No way in hell I am leaving em behind. I’m still not sure of what part of london to be in when the time comes. Right now I just need to get my fucking passport taken care of. That makes the process shit ton easier.

And granny…granny, oh dear granny. She’s now playing this game of “oh, I dont wanna move anymore” then she goes “I am not against the idea 100%”. At this point my head is spinning with her indecision. We are visiting her soon to do more packing and to get paper work together to make sure social services can take care of her until the move. They will help with doctors visits and other minor things if necessary. But she’s not making this easy.

Product Praise: Pacifica Candles

Squeal with delight! A good 100% vegan, cruelty-free, natural brand. I confess I don’t use or care for the cosmetic products from the brand. I’m very picky when it comes to my makeup. But so far everything else has been an absolute delight from them. I’m in love with a lot of their products but I’m using their candles as an example.


Scents are Persian Rose, Spanish Amber, and Mexican Cocoa

Bonus: Soy Wax 

The fucky thing about the most acceptable candles in stores is that they contain beeswax. I am not really strict with having everything I own vegan. But I believe in balance. Beeswax is so excessively used. Alternatives like coconut wax and soy wax are better alternatives. Their trickier to get a hold of sometimes, but there is more longevity to the burn of the candle and the smell is a bit stronger compared to beeswax.

Pacifica offers several different sizes of each candle. They have many to choose from aside from the ones listed above. So far my favourite scent as been Mexican Cocoa despite me owning two different sizes of the Persian Rose. Please be aware that if you are anywhere near sensitive to smell, these are very strongly scented and it can seem tiny bit over-whelming at first. 

Where To Buy Pacifica Products Online




Jenner Lips Challenge…Thing…CRAZY!

I can’t even begin to make a good title for this blog entry. And this will be such a short blog post because there is only so much you can say about it. First off, STOP FUCKING SUCKING BOTTLES AND SHOT GLASSES! If medical professionals and the top beauty bloggers are saying “STOP!” Then there is clearly something wrong with what you are doing. Even the objects that are created specifically for people to do this are bruising peoples lips. Just use lip liner and lipstick. Or friggen lip plumping lip gloss. It’s been said that Kylie Jenner has spoken out about this. I’m not sure if what she wrote would be considered “speaking out”. I think I would give her more credit if she said “Stop doing this. You’re going to hurt yourself” But that is not what has happened. Though some might take this as a shot towards Jenner (pun unintended), this is not about bashing any of the Jenner girls, or Kardashians. I’ve pretty much have become exhausted with that argument.  It’s not about the show. I never watch it. And I’m totally unaware of what goes on with it. I don’t even watch TV outside of Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. It’s more so the influence that these women have over the younger generation that concerns me.

I’m becoming rather depressed about how the younger generation is dramatically altering their experience to fit a certain standard. I’m talking about very young girls.  Between the ages of 12 to 20. I can’t generalise an entire group of females in a certain age range because I’d be either exaggerating or guessing. All I have is my experiences to go on and that of the female friends I had at the time. I believe most of us at that age are even slightly insecure about our appearance. Even of we don’t say it for others to hear. Even at 21 years old, I was still harshly judging my face and body. It hasn’t been until the past year that I have grown comfortable with my looks. Our faces, bodies, and minds are still developing. We never give ourself a chance to grow to except ourself before we allow the media to almost dictate how we feel. I didn’t grow up in an age of Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube. I grew up with magazines. Even that was a weight on my shoulders about my looks at a young age. I can’t imagine what pre-teens, teenagers, and women in their early twenties are going through with this.

All I can say to young girls is try to revisit your way of thinking before you decide you hate something about your looks.


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